Reduce lawsuit risk with a CASp inspection!

As of 31 October 2008, the State of California has finally certified a group of inspectors to evaluate accessibility for disabled access; a link to the list is at right.  If you get inspected by a Certified Access Specialist ("CASp") inspector, you may be able to avoid a lawsuit, increase customers and receive tax credits for qualifying changes made; in the unlikely event you are sued after passing a CASp inspection, you may be eligible for special procedures which could help expedite or resolve the claim. 

This website is under construction and additional information will be posted as soon as possible; for now, this site is meant to serve as a convenient reference for those considering CASp inspection.  Beware-- many inspectors are self-taught, and if you hire one who is not certified by the State of California as a CASp inspector, you may not be eligible for the important statutory protections your legislators intended.  It is highly advisable to retain a CASp inspector through a lawyer representing you, rather than directly; ask your qualified legal advisor for more information.

Nothing in this website is intended, nor may be relied upon, as legal or tax advice, for your particular situation. Readers are advised to consult an attorney highly experience in ADA/accessibility litigation in California for all matters of legal significance. This website is not affiliated with, or sanctioned by, the State of California, and is provided only as a public service. 

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